Black, white, brown…these are not just random listings of colours but basis that we use more often than not to distinguish between people. A distinction that so many times leads to discrimination of the worst kind. Since time immemorial the colour of one’s skin determined whether he woule belong to the clan of the rulers or the ruled. Apparently skill wasn’t a good enough criterion to determine who should be entitled to what. We wanted something that was merely skin deep. But are we really better than our primitive ancestors when it comes to giving equal opportunities and status to the people around us? Has the years of education and development of civilization made our thought process any more humane than it was all those years ago?

The colour of our skin is not all that we have limited our purview of discrimination to, rather we have used all the possible factors under the sun to create boundaries that go beyond the geographical demarcations. People have been classified like objects …

I'm a girl....

I was born a girl
In a world of men
Condemned to a life of misery and pain.

They wanted a son
To make them proud.
Not a duaghter, with whose liability
For a lifetime they would be bound.

I blended in the shadows
Fading my existence
drowning in an abyss of darkness
The world around me living in oblivion.

Years passed away, till that day came
When they could put their daughter
In the hands of that one
Who for money was willing to take their bane.

A ray of hope dared to creep in
Joy at last may be mine
The tears may be wept away
The sun may finally rise.

But, alas !
How could i forget
I was a woman
Happiness to whom was denied forever.

Abuse in all forms came to me
Beating and harassment drowned my screams
Those around me became blind to my wounds
The bruises on my soul, were more painful than the ones in plain view.

I did the chores
I cooked the meals
I raised the family
And at night i wept...till finally in silence sleep crept up on me.

How long was this pain to last?
Everyday i prayed for my end
But it seemed so far

They Need Us...

The sounds of those silent tears are still resonant around me, haunting me in whatever I do, invading the shelter of my haven, forcing me to look beyond my comforts to the lives of those who are a part of my existence, though made invisible by sheer indifference and fear. In case you are wondering what started this mental dilemma of mine….then read on.

Last Saturday morning I sat down to breakfast and turned on the television. Boogie Woogie (the famous dance show) was holding a contest for children living in different children’s homes. Behind those groovy dance moves each child, each face had a story to tell. A story of pain, of suffering, of abuse and neglect. 90% of the children who performed there had been forced to flee from their homes under various circumstances, the most common of them being physical abuse and torture. They were denied everything that you and I grew up with- education, love, security, care and the assurance that they were wanted and that they were not merely a w…

Tuesday Ritual

Since time immemorial my mom and I've had a sort of a ritual of visiting the temple every Tuesday. I don't know wheather its our way of saying that we are still spiritual in the race of modern life or a way to seek solace and strength for a brief moment, to become strong enough to face what lies beyond those walls. But there is one particular sight that I've never been courageous enough to face- that is the spectacle of seeing so many underpriveledged children lined outside the temple, looking at every person passing by with hopeful eyes, pleading with them to drop a morsel of food from the huge packet that they carry in the name of ' prasad' so that may be tonight they wouldnt have to sleep hungry.

One thing that always amazes me about them is that despite the fact that a lot of them are not even sure whether or not they will manage to get a meal tonight or not, don't have a roof over their head but they still manage to do something that even we don't- sm…


Don't say anything
let the silence speak.
Let me drown into your eyes
Let the moment be.
Let the wind blow through my hair
Let me hear your heart beat.
Let me close my eyes and feel you
Let the beauty of our love fly free.
Let me kiss you and make you mine
Let me hold you and close my mind.

Let the silence speak
Let our love not be bound by words.
Let the darkness of the night hide us from the world
Let the light of the moon illuminate whats our own.
Let this lifetime last till eternity
Let this magic stay forever.
Let me love you till my last breath
Let me thank you for being my saviour.

Lost Soul

The sun sets far beyond the horizon
Leaving me in darkness
The loneliness of my heart
The solitude of my existence
More profound than ever.

There is no one to see the tears
No one to feel the pain
No one to hold my hand
As every moment passing by
Seems to go away in vain.

But it wasnt always like this
There was a time when i was happy
When i smiled with every morning sunshine
When my heart sang with every rain
When there was excuberence in my step
And my world was a secure place.

Then my haven broke
It all came crashing down
The silver linings melted away into shadows
And there was just me, left bare.

The days pass by
Life moves on
I no longer sing when it rains
But use it to hide my tears and my pain
To smile, i no longer know how
To live is a task
The joy of it long gone.

Its morning once again
The sun is rising beyond the horizon
The world is moving on its path
I lay awake like i had the night before
And the night before that
Wondering where to go
When everything i once had
Has all been lost.

I don't know what t…